Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trains Milan to Lake Como

Trains from Milan to Lake Como
Trains from Milan to Lake Como run regularly from Milan Centrale and Porta Garibaldi train stations to\Lake Como San Giovanni train station.
Trains leave Milan Centrale and Porta Garibaldi train stations for Lake Como San Giovanni train station several times an hour. Trains from Lake Como to Milan return at similar intervals.
The total train time from Milan to Lake Como ranges from 33 minutes to 1h4m, depending on what train you take.
The cost of a one-way train ticket from Milan to Lake Como can be as low as 3.60 EUR for standard class on slow trains and 7.50 EUR for standard class on fast trains, but can be more expensive if you book close to the day of travel.

Lake Como Ferry Scenic Route

When visiting Lake Como, one of the best ways to see the lake is to take a Lake Como ferry.
Lake Como ferry boats stop at all major towns on Lake Como, including favorites like Como, Bellagio and Tremezzo (for Villa Carlotta).
There are several different kinds of Lake Como ferry services, including slow boats, express boats, and boats that only run on certain days and times.
Lake Como ferry boats run regularly throughout the day. Schedules can be picked up at any ferry ticket office.
Some ferry offices also have information desks where you can speak to a representative to get more information about Lake Como ferry departure and arrival times, ticket prices, and other information.
Lake Como ferry prices depend on where you are going. For some ferries, like the ferry from Como to Bellagio, you must buy one way tickets each way if you take the express ferry. These ferry tickets cost 11.70 EUR one way.
You must also pay a 1 EUR surcharge if you purchase your Lake Como ferry ticket on board the ferry, so it’s best to purchase tickets at the ticket office in advance.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Milan Airport Opens

The Enac has ordered the reopening of the entire airspace with effect from 12: 00 on Tuesday, 20 April (Italian time), having removed the limitation which authorised to flight the only domestic air routes. Therefore from across the country, including the North of Italy, will be restored schedule flights to any destination, international and intercontinental (es. Asia, North and South America, Africa, southern Europe). Will be excluded from the restore links only airports in Northern Europe still closed, for which you will have to wait for the decisions of local civil aviation authority. The Enac confirms that the reopening of airspace Italian will continue to be accompanied by constant technical monitoring of aircraft, according to strict criteria of safety.

SEA recommends all departing passengers, before arriving at the airport, contact their airline to have information on the conditions of their flight.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Re: Train Help Venice to Bellagio

Re: Train Help Venice to Bellagio

There are two ways of getting from Venice to Bellagio.
(1) Take a train to Como, then either bus or ferry to Bellagio.
 (2) Take a train to Varenna, then the short ferry ride to Bellagio. In both cases, you have to change trains in Milan.
There is no need to book in advance: buy the tickets in Italy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bellagio Side Trip Worth Taking

Bergamo (Berghem in Lombard) is a town in Lombardy, Italy, about 40km northeast of Milan. The commune is home to around 117,000 inhabitants. It is served by the Orio al Serio International Airport, which also serves the Province of Bergamo, and to a lesser extent Milan. The foothills of the Alps begin immediately north of the town.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

FYI Getting there and General Info Bellagio "Copy That!"


From Bergamo take direction Lecco and then Bellagio
From Milano Linate take direction Lecco and then Bellagio
From Milano Malpensa may be to go to Como and then Bellagio ( even if I always
advice to go trhough Lecco due to the better road)
Coming from Lecco on the right shore of the lake overcome:
Onno – Oliveto Lario –
When you arrive to see indication : BELLAGIO
At the first roundabout take direction: Erba e Guello.
After 100 mt you will see a church – if you continue you will find via Suira number
Please go till the end of the road and you will find a fenced property
Tel to call: Francesca at: 0039/335/7118943 or 0039 / 347/1361449 -
EUROS : €1500 - To be refunded at the end of the stay
 We will have 15 people the first week and 13 the second week. Each week we would like
DATES: Rental time: 22 may 5 june 2010
ARRIVAL DETAILS : 22 may 2010
Rental 14 overnights, Water gas electricity , final cleanings: paied
Bed Sheets and Towels: provided at the beginning of the stay
HEATING: included
Please let us know for dinners in advance if you like to book them
Pre payment 2 dinners received: : 500 euros to be balanced on place plus food bills
CHECK IN: after 16.00 p.m. before 20 p.m. : 22 may 2010

CHECK OUT: before 10.00 a.m. 29 may 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Travel Tips From Women


1. My mom always says bring your swimsuit and one easy outfit in your carry on so you won't lose a vacation day if checked bags are lost - Lindsay
2. If you are traveling with someone else, pack a few things in their luggage and a few of their things in your luggage. Then, if God forbid, one of you loses your luggage, you will still have some things to wear. - Leslie
3. Bring your children with you on trips. They get to experience the world in a new and exciting way. You will teach them to have a love for both travel and adventure, and you'll get to see them learning about the world and new places. It's almost like experiencing things again yourself for the first time. What is more beautiful than that? - Michelle
4. Throw out any leftover shampoo, hand lotion etc when going home. This leaves room for souvenirs that you haven't shipped home. - Judy
5. When I travel alone I wear a fake engagement ring and wedding band on my ring finger. It helps keep away unwanted attention. - Jen
6. Be spontaneous. When you're spontaneous, sometimes great things happen, and sometimes not so good things happen, but if you've got a good sense of humor the bad times can leave the best (funniest) memories. - Susan
7. Don't stress! Besides doing some research before you go about what is available (i.e., sailing, snorkeling, hiking tours, etc.) go without much of an agenda at all, except to have FUN! - Julia
8. Make an effort to go somewhere every other month. Even if it's a 2-3 hour road trip away from home. Work gets monotonous and I need to get a dose of the "travel bug" every now and then to keep things interesting. - Marena
9. Pack an amazing convertible dress like the American Apparel Cotton Jersey Bandeau Dress - $43 . It's space-saving magic - Gina
10. I email myself AND my mother a copy of my passport, my itinerary, and the international phone numbers for my credit cards. If I can't get online, I know I can call my mum should anything get stolen. - Morgan


Normally we don't repeat stories that are flat-out wrong -- unless, of course, they fulfill some sort of dreamy celebrity fantasy we have, and we think it'd be really cool if they were true.

Which is why we'd like to make it quite clear that George Clooney did NOT buy girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis an island off Italy's Lake Como, no matter what OK! magazine reported. Not, no, didn't, nuh-uh. We thank Gossip Cop for doing the legwork so that we can run this nice pic of the couple together in the rain on the Golden Globes red carpet.