Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monte Carlo awaits Gary & Sherry Bauer

The Cost of Taking Extra Luggage

Check before you book....Checking two bags on your flight to Italy....?  airlines are cracking down on transatlanitc luggage, dinging coach fliers $50 or more each way for a second bag! 

Airline Upgrading Tricks

Everyone wants to buy a cheap economy class ticket and get bumped up and upgraded to business class or first class. Who doesn't want more comfort, more legroom, better service and the lounge access which come as standard for first and business class passengers. The current generation of flat seats in premium cabins of major carriers makes flying long-haul much more comfortable than ever before.

Every so often airlines will give out free upgrades for operational reasons. Here are a few basic tips for increasing your chances of getting that elusive upgrade and rubbing shoulder with the first class jet-set.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Landmarks in Italy Website
Landmarks in Italy

An inspiration for artists, writers and poets, the sheer variety of landscapes in Italy accompanied by the scents of the rich Mediterranean vegetation, the sounds of the language and the music, the pleasant warmth of the southern sun, soothen the senses of the traveller; the innumerable traces left by countless civilizations, the amazing creations of the human genius alongside with the unspeakable beauty of God's creation join in an unforgettable, unique mix. Listed by region below are some of the most interesting landmarks in Italy.

Browse by region:

Aosta Valley -Piedmont- Lombardy -Trentino- South Tyrol -Veneto -Friuli Venezia- Giulia --Liguria- Emilia Romagna -Latium- Umbria- Tuscany -Marches -Molise -Abruzzi -Apulia- Basilicata -Campania -Calabria- Sardinia -Sicily

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bellagio Trip Weekly Lineup

Week 1 (May 22 to May 29):

Bradleys, Colonnas, Fosters, Pearces,
Olszewskis, Suares,  Mayeaux
Nick Colonna and Katherine Foster

Week 2 (May 29 to 6-5)
Bradleys, Colonnas, Eversons, Bauers,
Iwaskos, McAtheys, Wilsons
Nick Colonna
Xanthakis (at separate location)

Fly into Milan, Drive to Bellagio (Lake Como) or take train to Lake Como,
take Ferry to Bellagio.
Before and after trips, think of Monte Carlo, Nice, or Paris, Venice, Rome
Read past blogs w/info on side trips.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Tour of Bellagio

The 22 hamlets scattered over the vast area of land stretching from the lakeside (229m above sea level) to the top of Mt. San Primo (1,686m above sea level) are all part of Bellagio. The “Borgo” is the town’s historic centre and was the first area in Bellagio to be inhabited. This itinerary will help the visitor to find out more about this main part of town.

Our tour starts from Bellagio’s Tourist Office (IAT – by the public boat ticket office) in Piazza Mazzini, a rectangular-shaped “piazza” with its characteristic arcades that underwent radical changes during the 18th century following the extension of the area on the lakeside where the market was held. Opposite the boat landing stage No.1, under the arcade, is a dark stone column with an inscription on it giving us details of the level of the lake’s waters in 1829 and below this, another date – 1868. Particularly abundant rainfalls caused the lake to flood in both years. Sadly, there have been other incidents of flooding - they are not recorded on this column however.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bellagio Brunch

Every day starting at 1:30 La Divina Commedia offers, with the special price of 10 euro, an italian brunch composed of italian sandwiches, salads, typical cheeses and hams, pastries, fruits along with a wine glass or your preferred cold soft drink. The best way to taste a complete quality italian gastronomic menu at the best price and be ready to continue your daily trip !

From Bellagio w/Love

La Divina Commedia is an historical evening and night bar in Bellagio. Inspired by Dante Alighieri's poem "Divine Comedy" the bar is made of three areas: hell (an anciente cellar underground), purgatory (ground floor) with bar desk and nice sitting room with sofas and heaven at the 1st floor where you'll be surrounded by angels and baroque decorations.
You may reserve for the entire bar or just for one of its levels. Snacks, italian sandwiches, italian wines and bar menu service could be requested and arranged for big groups too.
La Divina Commedia is opened all year from 9.00 P.M: till 2.00 A.M., please contact us to know the short holiday and closing period the staff will take this year. Different opening times are arranged upon request. We have experience in arranging parties for big groups and we may opened till late night upon request. Special personalized bottles can be painted upon request as a special gift to your guests. We serve "Giulio De Bernardi" Wineyards wines:Cantine Giulio De Bernardi

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Plan 6 Months Ahead!

Before You Go on Your European Vacation - Plan 6 Months Ahead!
By James Martin,
See More About:
europe vacations
vacation planning
european destinations
Fly Deluxe to Europe80 Secrets to Flying First Class and Business Class to
10-30% off travel couponsCoupon codes for all of the top online travel stores. Save
Here are all the things you need to get done about six months before your European vacation. We'll focus on buying some guidebooks, choosing a destination, and we'll think about learning a bit of a language or two and renting an apartment. All of these things represent the first part of the travel planning experience, and can be done much earlier if you wish. Just don't plan too early and lose your momentum!
Buying a Guidebook
Most of what you need to know at this point can be gleened from our extensive travel resources. Still, having a paper based reference can make sense of you're still undecided. If you haven't picked your countries, then you should just get a big, old Europe guide. Otherwise, get country guides. You'll carry less bulk overall, and you'll get more information.
Top European Guidebooks
Choosing Destinations Part 1 - The Wish List
Europe is a big, diverse place. Are there cities you've always wanted to visit? Make a list. Write down all your favorite places. Don't worry, at this point there will be way too many of them. Haven't a clue where to start? Then read about the best of Europe below, or let us suggest an itinerary for you with our suggested European itineraries.
European Vacation Planning Directory
The Best of Europe
Suggested European Itineraries
Choosing Destinations Part 2 - Considering Distances
Once you've listed your dream destinations, chances are that you'll need to pare it down. I'd start by considering distances between places. I usually don't want to go more than 200 miles in a normal travel day. (There's plenty of great places within 200 miles anywhere in Europe, don't worry!) Use our Flash based Travel Planning Map to see how far 200 miles is by dragging a circle over the map - the radius is 200 miles. Use our calculator to find the distance between European capitals
Travel Planning Map
Europe Distance Calculator
Europe Distance Flat Map

Free Things to Do in Europe!

Free Things to Do in Europe
Think Like a Down and Out Artist and Have a Great Time Without Spending Money
By James Martin,
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free things to do
europe travel
Over the years as a travel writer I've come to realize that the two groups who get the most out of Europe are the starving students and the older crowd who've been to Europe many times. What do these two groups have in common? Museums. Yes, the starving students can't afford to visit them and the folks who've been to Europe many times have seen them and can now concentrate on those things they like most. And those things are invariably free.
A Square Life
James Martin
Call it what you will, the piazza, platz, plaza or place, these are special places for informal gathering, especially on summer evenings. Your little foray into "experiential travel" should start in a public square teeming with locals.
In Italy you can promenade to the piazza by joining in the Italian stroll called a Passiagiatta.
In Spain, the Plaza Mayor (the large, main plaza) in Salamanca is so clean that students plop down in the center and play chess, while all around them folks stroll, musicians play, and waiters cross the cobbles balancing plates of Jamon Iberico. Don't miss it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Opera Houses In Italy

1. Teatro Alla Scala
Europe for Visitors
Milan's famous opera house, Teatro Alla Scala, reopened in December, 2004 after an extensive renovation. It has a bookshop, bar, and history museum, too. The original opera house, designed by neoclassical architect Giuseppe Piermarini, opened in 1778 and many famous operas were first performed here. La Scala was badly bombed during World War II but reopened in 1946 and quickly regained its reputation as a top Italian opera house.

Theater Web Site
2. Teatro La FeniceLa Fenice (the Phoenix) in Venice, is one of the most famous theaters in Europe. La Fenice first opened in 1792 but was twice badly damaged by fire. It has recently been renovated and reopened. La Fenice is in Venice's San Marco Sestiere (see Venice Sestiere map)

Theater Web Site
3. Teatro San CarloThe Teatro San Carlo in Naples is the oldest opera house in Italy, founded in 1737. Some of the first ballet productions were also performed here during the opera intermissions. Opera, ballet, and short comic opera are still performed at Teatro San Carlo. A museum is in the planning stage.

Theater Web Site
4. Teatro MassimoTeatro Massimo in Palermo is the foremost opera house in Sicily as well as one of the finest in Europe. Its opening in 1897 signaled the beginning of Palermo's belle epoque. Year-round performances include opera, ballet, and music.

5. Teatro Comunale di BolognaBologna's opera house is one of the top theaters in Italy. It is a stunning example of 18th century baroque architecture. Located in the heart of Bologna's historic district, the Teatro Comunale di Bologna holds opera, musical, and symphony performances.

6. Teatro VerdiTeatro Verdi in Pisa is one of the most beautiful theaters in central Italy. The 900-seat auditorium, inaugurated in 1867, has a beautiful ceiling fresco and today houses opera, dance, and drama performances.

7. Teatro Regio di Parma - Teatro VerdiBuilt in 1829, Parma's neo-classical theater is rich in gold and stucco work. The theater holds opera, dance, and drama performances as well as concerts and special events.

8. Teatro Regio TorinoTurin's prominent opera house, in Piazza Castello, was rebuilt in 1973. The original 19th century theater was destroyed by fire in 1936. It is a popular spot for musicals and plays as well as opera.

9. Teatro dell'opera di RomaRome has a beautiful opera house and holds many classical dance concerts. In the summer, opera and dance performances are held in the ancient Baths of Caracalla, a spectacular setting for opera under the stars.
10. Arena di VeronaAnother fantastic historic setting for opera is the Verona's Arena. The opera season starts in June but there are other performances during the year.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunset Beach 12th Annual Chili Cook-Off

TheBellagioBlog proudly presents...
The Sunset Beach 12th Annual Chili Cookoff!
Cook off date is Saturday, Sept. 19th 2009
Booth #2
Set Up Time 7 to 8am
Cooking Time 7 to 12:45pm
Open to the Public 11am
Judging 1pm
Sponsored by the Sunset Beach Woman's Club.
Judging will be based on taste, color, consistency, and aroma.
Place: Sunset Beach Fire Station
Music, Bands, Chili tasting booths, "zucchini,bikini, linguini, martini,
I don't know...."

All of the Bellagio Travelers and their families are
invited to participate!

Mary Forbes has a "kick ass" recipe...and we ask for your participation.

And Yes we will be using Everson Spices!

Please send the name you would like for consideration by Friday Sept. 4th 3pm
The Bellagio Chili Society,
is one of the names we are looking at....please send your ideas to or Call Mike Colonna
More info to follow....stay tuned!

E-Mail Bellagio Gang Update